Alarm clock cleaning and refueling

Alarm clock cleaning and refueling:

In repairing the clock when there are two aspects of principal contradiction and the principal contradiction, before the repair parts damaged, this is the main aspect of contradiction, but when all the damaged parts are repaired, the nature of the conflict with the change, at this moment if isn't doing a good job cleaning, parts assembly, the refueling place didn't go, should not go where the inversion with oil, the alarm clock can't work well, or even possible to addled parts, the original is not the main contradiction, has now become the principal contradiction.We must maintain a high degree of responsibility throughout the repair.

One, cleaning method

All parts are repaired and cleaned before assembly.Gasoline is used to clean the parts.Front and rear splint and swing bearing in addition to brush, and must be used for many times with wood needle into each shaft hole, dirt wipe.Gossamer can only be put in gasoline scrubbed clean;If there is grease, can be used to brush very light very light to scrub.Shafts, gears, pin wheels, etc., should be cleaned in gasoline.The head wheel and the alarm head wheel, the second wheel in the shaft is able to rotate, so it should be rotated, while cleaning.

If gasoline is not easy to get, in addition to balance wheel spring components and pendulum bearing, the rest of the parts can be converted to kerosene cleaning, but finally must use compressed air to blow all the kerosene from the surface of the parts (blowing with the mouth to prevent saliva from touching the parts).The rack should be wiped dry with cloth to avoid fouling the clock face.Bell shell, back ring, back bell and glass and other surface dust dirt should be wiped clean with a dry cloth.When wiping glass, fingers should hold its outer circle, do not make the two sides left finger marks.

Aluminous qualitative clock face and when be stained with smeary to making a face, usable cotton ball dips in some of gasoline to give wipe gently clean.Be careful, rubbing will break the letter.Paper and plastic clocks cannot be rubbed with petrol.Plexiglass do second plate, some with ink printed with a variety of patterns, if not carefully stained with gasoline or kerosene, ink will shrink, appear broken, or even from the plexiglass off, to pay attention to.After the parts are cleaned, put in the porcelain basin. If not assembled immediately, apply the dustproof cover.

Two, alarm clock refueling

With regard to refueling, it is generally possible to proceed in the following manner.Spring can be dipped in cloth before assembly some spindle oil or oil pull, to prevent rust.After the alarm clock moves around, add a small amount of clock oil in each shaft hole and escapement fork pin, pendulum nail, alarm clip, etc., for lubrication.Pendulum bearing should be added with a thin surface oil, because the viscosity of the thin surface oil is smaller than the bell oil, can adhere to the surface and its smooth gem, no dispersion phenomenon.Too much oil is not good, but bad.Gossamer and balance wheel can not wipe oil.If there is no clock oil or thin gauge oil, the spindle oil can be replaced, but the spindle oil is perishable and does not last long, which is its biggest disadvantage.The whole machine is fixed in the bell case, the bell frame, back ring, dust cover and back bell, where the key, the key, the dial key, the key in each hole location should be correct, can not and back bell friction.


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