How did the ancients get up on time in the morning without an alarm clock

How did the ancients get up on time in the morning without an alarm clock.There was no alarm clock in ancient times. How did the ancient people get up on time?First of all, you can think of something like "dance to the sound of the rooster", until at dawn, the sound of the rooster can wake up a sleeping person, then I ask:If there is an extreme phenomenon in which all roosters can no longer crow, how should the ancients wake up?

On the Internet, I searched a lot of information, and found that one of the most mentioned instruments is called "incense bell". It is said that according to the stability of incense burning, a heavy object is attached somewhere in the incense. After the incense burns there, the heavy object falls into a metal plate, making a sound and waking people up.

Hold this kind of view, and also gives some pictures, but don't have the figure of historical literature, there is only one known as the dragon incense coil clock, have credibility, because in Kyoto, Japan, loose RongTang xi guan display of sweet bell props in ancient China, in about 60 cm long linear sandalwood placed on a string, string hanging metal ball, every time, metal ball in clock tell the time, but the items is more like the clock rather than the alarm clock.

But in my opinion, the incense bell mentioned above, even if it really exists, is unlikely to appear in ordinary people's homes, because burning incense is not a very economical thing for ordinary people.

So, for the ancients, dignitaries might have asked their servants to wake them up;Ordinary people in the city may use water bells, incense bells, or more likely to be awakened by the sound of a rooster or the sound of a bell.As for the farmers, I think the most reliable is to wake up with the sound of chickens and natural light.

Because chickens are common in rural areas, and roosters are unlikely to have the kind of extreme phenomenon mentioned above, it is quite normal for a rooster to crow and wake people up.Moreover, there were few curtains in the houses of ancient peasants. When the morning light shone on people, the visual system would be aroused by the light, which would send signals to the subconscious mind and wake up the brain and activate the limbs. This is the most natural way to wake up.

Therefore, even if there were alarm clocks in ancient times, they were not for farmers.


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