How to use car charger safest?

How to use car charger safest?Many citizens in the use of car charger, will plug it in the cigarette lighter socket will not pull out, as long as the phone needs to charge, directly connected to the data cable, regardless of whether the vehicle has been started.However, this method of use has security risks.

According to the municipal consumer council, the instantaneous high voltage occurs when an automobile engine fires, and the overvoltage intensity directly affects the performance and function of the product.During the test, 2 samples were damaged after the overvoltage test.

In the test of energy consumption without load, the car charger's own power consumption without charging mobile phones and other devices is investigated. If its own power consumption is large, it will accelerate the battery consumption of the car. In a long time, the battery may run out of power and the car cannot normally ignite.After testing, five samples did not meet the requirements, that is, the no-load current will consume the power of the car battery.

In the electrical safety performance test, all 10 samples have passed the test that the temperature rise of the shell surface does not exceed 50℃.

According to the results of these tests, the municipal consumers' committee suggests that people should know about the automatic protection function of the car charger when buying, to see whether it has the function of over-voltage, overheating and short-circuit protection, and the shell is preferably made of ABS flame retardant environmental protection material.

In the use of the process, should first start the vehicle, smooth operation and then insert the car charger.

Pull out the car charger before parking.

During the smooth running of the vehicle, disconnect the on-board charger from the car after charging.Use car charger carefully during thunderstorm and high temperature days.


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